Praying With Jesus – Why God Connects With Us

“What does it take to grow in effectively living life as Jesus would live it if he were walking in our shoes today?” – that’s our key question for 2019 here at KCRC. Part of the answer, at least, revolves around the theme of prayer.

And that’s why we are taking time to explore praying. Which assumes, of course, that we are praying people. Or, at least, people interested in praying.
Is that so?
Hopefully, yes. But reality is that most of us have some struggles in praying well, or maybe in praying at all. We wish it would be better – but aren’t really sure how to get from present reality to that zone of being able to pray well.
And that’s why we’ve reached back into the “toolkit” and pulled out the “60:60 EXPERIMENT.”
A bunch of you have asked that we do it again, so – voila!

We’re going to explore a few misconceptions about God and prayer, and then try to get to the truth of who God is, and just why he might want to connect with us, anyway. Our launching point is John 15:1-17.

Hope you can track with us – not just for this teaching, but for the entire series. So, go grab a bible. Find John 15. Then download the podcast and the study guide – and join the conversation.

Please note – those of you using a mobile device may have to set your browser to “desktop mode” to access the download button (a glitch with our site – sorry about that).

Here’s the podcast……..

Praying With Jesus – Why God Connects With Us

And here’s the study guide…….
Why God Connects With Us – Study Guide

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