The Eyes of Faith – KCRC Online Service for August 9, 2020.

‘ Clearly what set David apart from King Saul and every other Israelite soldier was not his size, strength, or military experience…it was his vision.  Where the Israelites saw nothing but the power of a taunting giant, David saw a God who exposed the lie of Goliath’s bravado.  It took […]

Blessed Are The Peacemakers: KCRC Online Service for July 26, 2020.

‘ What is Shalom? Rev. Neil Plantinga gives this definition: “Shalom is much more than peace of mind or the ceasefire of enemies, it is described as universal wholeness and delight, and reigning over all is the earth’s Creator and Savior who opens doors and opens hearts and welcomes all […]

Avoiding Entropy: KCRC Online Service for July 19, 2020.

‘ The law of Entropy is defined as the quantitative measure of disorder or randomness in a system. Not sure what this has to do with living the life as a follower of Jesus?Rev. Bernie Bakker is stepping up to our virtual pulpit this week and invites us to do some […]

This Weeks: KCRC Online Service for July 12, 2020.

‘ For our service today we welcome Wilf Wight to our pulpit at KCRC. Scripture Readings:  Genesis 1:26-31;  Galatians 3:26-28;  Revelation 5:9 Through the three scripture texts Pastor Wilf will lead us from Creation, through Redemption and to Eternal Glory. Grab a bible and we hope you are able to join us […]

All Things: KCRC Online Service for July 5, 2020.

‘ The Heidelberg Catechism makes the audacious claim that all things (not just ‘good’ things) come to us from God’s Fatherly hand (Q&A 27)…which includes COVID-19.  The catechism’s confidence is grounded in the promises of scripture found in places like Romans 8:28.  Paul’s famous promise is not that everything that happens to us in life is […]