Who Am I – Baptised

Who are you, anyway? If someone asked, what would you say? Recently I pulled out a copy of my family tree, because it needs updating. Looking at the list of names there I see a long story, dating back to the 1400’s. All those names. And their stories – that’s […]

Meeting Jesus… Or Missing Him

So…. do you miss it when God shows up in your neighborhood? Or when he whispers into your ear, your mind, your heart?You wouldn’t be the first person to do so.Lots have.And will. So as we start a new year it’s a good time to wonder about the whispers of […]

Christmas: Yes, But…. Do I Fear Christ?

Welcome to the second in our pre-Christmas teaching series at Kemptville Christian Reformed Church.  We’re using this time to try and push aside some of the clutter and jumble that can easily mess with our minds and hearts and get in the way of a true celebration of Jesus’ birth. […]

Christmas: Yes, but… do I KNOW him?

Hey, all – as if you didn’t know – the freight train of busyness called “The Holiday Season” is coming at us fast and hard. And everyone’s calendar will fill up to overflowing.  Peace? Yeah, hardly.  Filled season and stress?  Maybe that’s more like it. Which begs the seasonal question […]

Sharing The Faith: Translation

Being a follower of Jesus, his lifelong apprentice, is an all-consuming thing.  And the longer you are on that path the more you discover that there’s a whole culture which grows up, in time, around that journey. Which is NOT a bad thing.  Not at all. But it IS something […]

Sharing The Faith: Appetizers

It’s REALLY easy to overthink things, especially when you REALLY want to do your best at something.  And when that happens we easily make things too complicated or confusing. Sharon and I witnessed that on a recent cooking competition we were watching on TV.  One competitor took the required dish […]

Sharing The Faith: Motivation

Baseball Fans just enjoyed the pinnacle of their season – the World Series.  Ever wonder what sets the players apart on that field from so many other wanna-be baseball players, who end up trapped in the minor leagues, or working day jobs and playing in the beer leagues? Yes, skill […]

Sharing The Faith: Attitudes

“Really?”  So my friend said to me after going through a sales presentation by an individual.  My friend was looking for a particular product, and had wondered if this was the one. But the salesperson was….. well…… WOW.  Not a good “wow.”  More like, “Wow, what IS this person doing […]

Meeting Jesus: In Our Riches

Not everything in life is simple. As in – totally right, or totally wrong; totally healthy, or totally toxic; totally safe or totally dangerous. Take cannabis, for example.  I don’t have to line up the pro’s and con’s.  You’ve all heard and read plenty by now, I’m sure.  If not […]

Meeting Jesus: When We’re Confident

Familiarity breeds…… You know the saying, right? And it’s SO true. It’s really easy to begin to take safety shortcuts when we’ve been doing a risky task for years.  They say that the people most at risk for injury on the job site are the newbies and the ol’ timers. […]