Meeting Jesus: In Submission

Welcome back to another podcast in the KCRC teaching series Meeting Jesus.  Every once in a while we encounter people that have a huge impact on our lives.  We are different (hopefully for the better) after having met them. Jesus is one of those people.  And we’re excited to be […]

Meeting Jesus: He’s Not What You Expect

Meeting certain people changes EVERYTHING. Saw a segment of an interview with someone who met Elvis once. She’s been reliving that moment for over 40 years. Someone I know was at an event with a speaker who had a series of profound physical challenges in his  life.  Listening to the […]

Waiting Forward

What do you think about WAITING? How does it work for you? Do you mind it? Does it drive you mad? Are you a fidgety kind of wait-er? Or can you sit quietly? Can you focus on that for which you are waiting? Or does you mind go to a […]

The Effects Of Easter: At The End Of Our Line

It’s a crazy story – true, but sort of crazy.  We get to watch Jesus messin’ with his disciples in the days following his resurrection.    The boys had gone fishing on a lake that normally was teeming with fish.  Nobody EVER got skunked out there….. except them, this time. […]

In His Steps – GEMS Sunday message

We all learn by imitating, and just about all of us end up shaping at least part of our lives based on the lives of people we admire.   We call them “role models” or “mentors” or “coaches” or “mom.”  It’s a great way to learn, and to live – find […]

The Effects Of Easter: Seeing And Believing

I’d like to introduce you to someone that, I think, has gotten a bad rap in the Church.  Everyone thinks of him as a quivering, unsure, back-of-the-bus follower of Jesus; the guy with wee-tiny faith; full of doubt disciple(ish)….. Thomas. Reality is – the guy was one of the most […]

The Effects Of Easter: When Jesus Calls Your Name

Every once in a while something big happens, something really big – so big that it changes absolutely EVERYTHING! And, no, I’m not referencing the latest home-based income “opportunity” or the latest flavor in ice cream. I mean REAL big – where really EVERYTHING changes. Perhaps you think of a […]

Questioning God: “How long, Lord?” – sermon podcast

Ever had times when you threw up your hands in frustration, or perhaps in distress? You were struggling with another person whose behaviour didn’t change, didn’t improve, didn’t help whatever situation you were at the time.  You flung out your hands and blurted out, “How long are you going to […]

God Seeking Us – a sermon podcast

Ever tried hiding something from your spouse.  Did it ever go well? Ever tried hiding yourself from someone – maybe in fear?  How’d that work out for you? Could you imagine trying to hide from God? Why would you possibly want to do that?  How do you imagine that might […]

Divine Restraint: a KCRC sermon podcast

What if an angel suddenly showed up at your church – right smack dab in the middle of a worship service;  if the glory of heaven was unveiled / unleashed just as the band began the intro to the third song?  How might that change things? That’s the question we […]