Who Am I? Rewarded!?

This past Sunday was the third week in a row that we talked about doing stuff as part of our faith walk. No more talk about mosquitoes. That is SO last week!
Our noodling through the bible book of Ephesians brought us to chapter 6, verse 8. Which smacked us in the face with talk about REWARD. What is THAT all about?
Isn’t the Christian faith anchored on faith in Jesus, and the finished work he does for us?
Isn’t our connection to God a free gift, graciously given to us?
All true enough – and yet, there it is. Reward. The even more weird part of it all is that this same idea crops up again and again throughout the New Testament.|
WHAT are we to make of it?
You’re invited to download the podcast and study guide and share the journey as explore 4 levels of REWARD spoken of in the Bible.
At the end of which, I hope you’ll be able to confidently exclaim……”Who Am I? I am REWARDED!”

Go ahead and find a bible, either print version or online or app. FThen download the podcast, as well as the study guide, and dig in.

Please note – those of you using a mobile device may have to set your browser to “desktop mode” to access the download button (a glitch with our site – sorry about that).

Here’s the podcast……..

Who Am I? Rewarded!
Rewarded – The Study Guide

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