Relating In Faith: Hungry For God

Have you ever gotten involved in something, like REALLY involved, only to discover later that you had missed the most important part of whatever it was you were doing?
Many fathers discover this – some, too late. When they’ve been working hard for years and years in order to provide for their family, and then one day realize that they missed growing a relationship with their children; or realizing how far he’s drifted from his bride.

This past Sunday marked the beginning of the Fall teaching series here at KCRC, “was the end of our summer teaching series, “Relating In Faith.” We’re going to spend the next few weeks exploring what is at the absolute core of everything the Church is and says and does. Here’s to hoping you’ll be able to join us for this trek of exploration.
This first podcast explores our willingness to be vulnerable and open to the possibility of a real spiritual entity coming into our deepest personal space and occupying it.
Would you be willing to consider trying that?
What might it look and feel like?
What impact might that have on your Monday-Saturday life?

You’re invited to download the podcast and the study guide. Grab a bible and open it to Matthew 11:28, as well as putting your thumb by Colossians 1:27. And follow along……

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Here’s the podcast…….. Relating In Faith: Hungry For God
And here’s the study guide…….. Relating In Faith: Hungry For God – Study Guide

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