Called By Jesus….Beyond Ourselves

Have you ever been served an eviction notice? Or been asked to leave a certain location because your presence wasn’t appreciated? How did it feel?
If you’ve ever had such a thing happen, you’re actually in really good company. Jesus was once tossed out of church for unruly behaviour….. while he was preaching! Actually, if the congregation had their way, that would have been the last church service he ever attended, and the last sermon he ever preached.

This past Sunday we read Luke 4:14-30 – the account of the attempted lynching.
You have to wonder – what was it that drove the crowd so crazy? Honestly, I thought people were supposed to fall asleep during a sermon, not become blood thirsty!
Seriously, though – the very end of the story tells of Jesus walking away, beyond their grasp.
And the breath-takingly horrible thing is………. he never comes back!
What’s all going on here? What’s the lesson for we pew-sitters in 2019 church?
What’s our take-away at Kemptville Christian Reformed Church as we round the corner towards the end of 2019, and the beginning of another year of life and ministry together in 2020?

You’re invited to download the podcast and the study guide. Grab a bible. Then follow along……

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Here’s the podcast…….. Called By Jesus… Beyond Ourselves
And here’s the study guide…….. Beyond Ourselves – Study Guide

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