Praying With Jesus – Getting Started

Here at KCRC 2019 is a year of exploring what Spiritual Apprenticeship is all about. At the heart of it we want to ask the question – “What does it take to grow in effectiveness living life as Jesus would live if he were walking in our shoes today?

So…What’s it take to do that well? As we watch the life of Jesus, it’s pretty clear that prayer is a key part of what he does and how he does it. Meaning – perhaps prayer ought be a key part of what we do, and how we do it….. don’t you agree?

We’re going to spend the next while exploring what prayer is all about. And we’re going to keep Jesus, and his prayer role model, always in our sights.

This week we explored a couple of “DON’T-go-here-if-you-want-to-pray-effectively-and-deeply” statements by Jesus. Our key bible passage is Matthew 6:5-8.

Go ahead and find a bible, either print version or online or app. Flip to Matthew 6. Then download the podcast and join the conversation.

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Here’s the podcast……..

Praying With Jesus – Getting Started

And here’s the study guide…….
Getting Started – Study Guide

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