The Songs Of Christmas…. Mary’s Song

She was a totally ordinary, simple, young unremarkable girl in her mid-teens. At least, that is what you’d think watching her life. But as we dig a little deeper some amazing things come to light.

This past Sunday we read Luke 1:39-56 and saw some of the strength and depth and vision of Mary’s faith in God. She is called out by God to a task that’ll land her in all sorts of trouble (which, by the way, is often how it happens down through time to called-out-people; God’s way is not the simplest way).
We watched how she responded, and what sorts of supports the Lord put into place for her to survive….. actually, more than that – to THRIVE. And this got us to look at our own lives and the supports that God puts into place for us to survive….. and to thrive.
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Here’s the podcast…….. Songs Of Christmas – Mary’s Song
And here’s the study guide…….. Mary’s Song – Study Guide

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