Connecting Through Prayer – It’s Essential

We’ve been experimenting with prayer at KCRC – trying to stop regularly (like, say, every hour) to check in with God and see if he’s got something for us to notice, someone for us to connect with, or a word for us. Sometimes you have to stop and wonder – is it REALLY worth all the effort? Is it THAT important?

The June 16 podcast digs into John 6, where we see a bunch of disciples abandon Jesus. Causing him to turn to his 12 closest friends and challenge them – “Are you leaving, too?”
We’ll think about their answer, as well as the experiences of two people who took their words seriously – Brother Lawrence and Frank Laubach.
May their experiences and challenges be an inspiration to your spiritual journey!

We’re glad you’ve joined us for this podcast. Hope you can dig in with us for the remainder of the series, “Praying With Jesus” – we’ll be exploring the famous words of the Lord’s Prayer in coming weeks.

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Here’s the podcast…….. Connecting With God – It’s Essential
And here’s the study guide…….. It’s Essential – Study Guide

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