Relating In Faith: Eating…. alone?

Have you ever notice how often Jesus eats with others? And have you ever noticed the KIND of people that Jesus enjoys sharing table with? If you haven’t, grab a bible and page through any one of the four accounts of Jesus’ life. You may be in for a surprise. You may happen across the passage which describes how he had developed a “reputation” as a party man. Can you believe it?

So what’s with that? Why do we see more of Jesus eating than teaching in a classroom?
Welcome to the closing session in our Fall teaching series, “Relating In Faith.”
The Bible passage for today is John 2.
You’re invited to download the podcast and the study guide. Grab a bible. Then follow along……

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Here’s the podcast…….. Relating In Faith: Eating….alone?
And here’s the study guide…….. Relating In Faith: Eating…alone – Study Guide

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