Called By Jesus…. To Peace

Remember a time when you got angry? Or felt hurt by someone – unjustly so? Or got ripped off, and found yourself laying awake at night, trying to figure out how to get even?
If Jesus was your life coach, how do you think he’d have been directing you during those moments?

This past Sunday we read Luke 6:17-38 – where Jesus teaches exactly on this topic. How to respond to people who aren’t exactly on our warm-and-fuzzy side.
We went there as part of our visioning series, wondering about what Jesus might want us to focus on as individuals and as a community, as we move towards 2020.

You’re invited to download the podcast and the study guide. Grab a bible. Then follow along……

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Here’s the podcast…….. Called By Jesus… To Peace
And here’s the study guide…….. Called To Peace – Study Guide

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