Who Am I? Loved!

One thing that virtually everyone wants, needs, craves is…..
Well, it’s something that’s part of our identity as followers and friends of Jesus.
There’s an old song that talks about looking for it in all the wrong places – and coming out of the experience all messed up. Which happens a lot.
It’s….. being loved.
Somewhere, deep inside, we all shrivel up if we don’t have at least some love poured into our lives.
We need it as infants.
We need it as elderly.
And we need it in between.
Ephesians 5:22-33 helps us connect with how God, through Jesus, pours love into our lives in rich ways.
It also helps us understand how to respond to that love from God by expressing and living love to others, beginning at home with our kids and our life partners.
March 3, 2019 – that’s when we examined this bible passage and considered how God’s love looks and feels – both in our lives as we receive it, and as we pass it on.
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Who Am I? Loved!
Loved – The Study Guide

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