Praying With Jesus – How God Connects With Us

Does God really speak to people? Some people might tell you to go see a doctor if you claim to hear from God. Others suggest it is wishful thinking. And some say, “Oh, but it IS real. God DOES talk to people.”
What do YOU think?

Welcome to KCRC’s summer series, “Praying With Jesus.”
And in this podcast we’re considering questions like:
– So, if God speaks to people, how does that happen?
– What’s it look and feel like?
– How do you know if it’s real?
– What if you think it’s God, but you are wrong?
As always, we’re leaning into the Bible and what it has to say about all this.
Our base passage is Acts 10:1-23.

Hope you can track with us – not just for this teaching, but for the entire series. So, go grab a bible. Find John 15. Then download the podcast and the study guide – and join the conversation.

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Here’s the podcast……..

Praying With Jesus – How God Connects With Us

And here’s the study guide…….
How God Connects With Us – Study Guide

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