Praying With Jesus – Getting Started

Here at KCRC 2019 is a year of exploring what Spiritual Apprenticeship is all about. At the heart of it we want to ask the question – “What does it take to grow in effectiveness living life as Jesus would live if he were walking in our shoes today?” So…What’s […]

Be A Blessing

BLESS YOU! We all say it after someone sneezes. Any idea what it is we’re saying? What is a “Blessing”? And why would we wish a blessing on someone else? KCRC’s girls club, known as GEMS (Girls Everywhere Meeting The Saviour), had as their theme this year, “BE A BLESSING”. […]

Who Am I? Victorious!

Life is a battle.Who among us has not muttered that under our breath at one time or another?We’ve said it, and felt it. And it’s true.Life IS a battle. But not a battle we need fear. Those who have committed their lives to Jesus, following and trusting him can rest […]

Who Am I? Suffering!

“Dear God, she is such a good person. She’s such a good person.Why does she have to suffer so much?IT’S NOT FAIR!!” Ever found yourself saying or praying something like that?Most of us probably have, somewhere along the way.Suffering – it’s something that sticks in our throat.We can’t accept it […]

Who Am I? Loved!

One thing that virtually everyone wants, needs, craves is…..Well, it’s something that’s part of our identity as followers and friends of Jesus.There’s an old song that talks about looking for it in all the wrong places – and coming out of the experience all messed up. Which happens a lot.It’s….. […]

Who Am I? Rewarded!?

This past Sunday was the third week in a row that we talked about doing stuff as part of our faith walk. No more talk about mosquitoes. That is SO last week!Our noodling through the bible book of Ephesians brought us to chapter 6, verse 8. Which smacked us in […]

Who Am I? Gifted!

This past Sunday we continued our fascination with mosquitoes (you’ll have to check out last week’s podcast to see where that’s coming from). Remember – all it takes is one and you’ll know it! Yes, even li’l ol’ me can make a difference in this great big world.Which was where […]

Be A Blessing!

Last Sunday KCRC joined with hundreds of other churches across North America in celebrating the ministry of Cadetting, a boys’ club movement that brings Christian men to boys in a mentoring relationship where faith and life can be explore and enjoyed together. This year’s theme is “Be A Blessing”, drawn […]

Who Am I? A Saint!

“Hi, I’m Brian and I’m an alcoholic.”“Oh, stink! I’m such a total loser!”“Grandpa, watch me – I’m Spiderman!!“ That’s how some people will identify themselves. Maybe at a support group meeting. Maybe in frustration when everything seems to be going wrong. Maybe in the middle of an afternoon of play. […]

Who Am I – Baptised

Who are you, anyway? If someone asked, what would you say? Recently I pulled out a copy of my family tree, because it needs updating. Looking at the list of names there I see a long story, dating back to the 1400’s. All those names. And their stories – that’s […]