Divine Restraint: a KCRC sermon podcast

What if an angel suddenly showed up at your church – right smack dab in the middle of a worship service;  if the glory of heaven was unveiled / unleashed just as the band began the intro to the third song?  How might that change things?

That’s the question we wondered about as we thought about Jesus walking into a church in his community.  We’ll be watching Jesus a lot this year – 2018 is going to be a year with Jesus at KCRC – in many of our worship services we’ll be focusing on interactions that Jesus has with needy people, power structures & authorities, skeptics, and more.

Like what happened in Mark 1:21-28 as Jesus went to a local synagogue.  He’s met by a gang of head-scratching worshipers, amazed at what he says and does, and one very sick man, plagued by a demon.

His response is both powerful and very restrained – at the same time.
And in that mix of power and restraint we catch a glimpse of how God deals with us, and how we are called to deal with each other.

Supporting the study of Mark 1 were readings from Deuteronomy 18 and 1 Corinthians 8:1-13.

So….. how did it all go down that Sabbath in the Synagogue?
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Divine Restraint

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Divine Restraint – Study Guide

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Imperfect Faith In A Messy World: It’s About Power

It’s a word that makes many of us hesitate – power.
Probably because we’ve seen it do so much harm to so many SO often.

So…. how ought we respond when we come to a part of the Bible where the writer is praying FOR power to show up in the lives of his friends?
And – what about parts of the Bible where we read about Jesus’ power – strong, crushing, battling power?
What do we do with all that?

Power – good power, and power that crushes…. power in our hands, power in Jesus’ hands.

These are the issues we tossed around last Sunday at KCRC.

You’re invited to follow along as we explore Ephesians 3:14-21, especially verse 10.
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Imperfect Faith In A Messy World (7): It’s About Power

You are also invited to download the study guide…..

It’s About Power – Study Guide

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Guided In Faithfulness

This past Sunday we explored chapter 2 in the biblical drama exploring the theme of FAITHFULNESS, the drama unfolded in the book of Ruth.

We were introduced to the rich landowner and tribal warlord, Boaz.

Boaz had power over the lives  of everyone who worked in his fields.  He had great economic and political and social power.  He had family connections.

Ruth had no power.  She had only marginal family connections.

The two of them “just happen” to meet.

What do we learn?  About the “just happening” moments in life? About how to live faithfully with power?

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Guided In Faithfulness

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Guided In Faithfulness – Study Guide

Straitjacket Religion – should we abandon our churches?

Welcome to another posting in the series about challenges that may well shake our sense of spiritual well-being to the core, or throw us into the ditch as we’re riding along the road of faith.

Topic – “Churches – aren’t they just uptight institutions that take away our freedom, box us in, and hold unheallthy power over us? Shouldn’t we stick with Jesus, and ignore churches?”

What do you think?

You’re invited to the sermon preached at Kemptville CRC on October 13, 2013.

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Speedbumps On The Road Of Faith: Straitjacket Religion