Meeting Jesus: And Distracted

“I’m…… SO……. busy…..”

How often haven’t you heard that?
Or maybe even said it?

Three cheers for Google Calendar (or equivalent) – keeping our life organised.  Otherwise things would be in chaos.  Never keep all the commitments and to-do’s straight.


Some people wear their busyness as a badge of honor.
Others use it as a sign of being a martyr for one cause or another.
What does  busyness do to us, anyway?  Especially spiritually?

Jesus has some important things to say on this topic.
We get to mull them over as part of our series, MEETING JESUS.
This week – Meeting Jesus: And Distracted.

Our bible passage is Luke 10:38-42.
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Meeting Jesus: And Distracted

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Meeting Jesus: And Distracted – Study Notes

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Rock Solid Living: Part Of Something Bigger (sermon podcast)

Yesterday we zoomed along to the third in our series on a letter written to churches by one of Jesus’ best friends, Simon Peter.  It coaches believers on how to keep strong in their faith, even though they are facing intense challenge and persecution.

The first message, “episode one”, helped us understand how Simon changed from being spiritually wobbly, very rocky, and became a rock-solid leader among followers of Jesus.

Last week helped us build on the fundamentals of faith.  It provided us a coaching session on avoiding distractions that might end up causing our faith to wreck.  And it provides us a target to aim towards – Serve God by loving other people as best you can.

This week coaches us to look well beyond the end of our own spiritual noses – not just to those we love and serve, but also to the people who are walking the same spiritual walk that we are journeying along.  It challenges us to think about how their faith lives intersect with ours.  Why bother with all the effort and patience required to hang out together?  Wouldn’t it just be better if you did your thing, and I did mine?  We’ll be hearing from 1 Peter 2:4-12.

You are invited to track with us through this series “Rock Solid Living” – all podcasts will be posted here on PKN in coming weeks.

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Rock Solid Living – Part Of Something Bigger

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Rock Solid Living – Part Of Something Bigger (study guide)

Extravagance In Faith

I hope I never hear it again.
I hope I never say it again.
I hope we can make this phrase totally disappear from the life of our church.
You’ve probably heard it…..

“Oh, is that really necessary?”

Often, it is said in response to some lavish action on the part of some one or group.
Perhaps an elaborate art exhibit is on the worship stage for a festive season of the year.
Or the worship band puts together an intricate musical offering, maybe even loudly.
Or someone shares a testimony, and sheds a public tear or three.

“Well now, that’s not really necessary is it?” becomes a response, often, of people uncomfortable with what was laid out there; code language, of sorts, for “I didn’t like that.” Or, as in – couldn’t we just do without that? Avoid that? Not bother?

Do without?
Well, I suppose.

God is not some celestial “snob” who demands only gourmet worship, and first class presentations.
Simple can work very, very well when offered to our Heavenly Father.
A little, offered with a sincere heart, is an infinite treasure to our Lord. (Mark 12:41-44)

But can we go too far in worship?
2 Samuel 6:16-23 describes how David was worshipping God with everything he had; laying it all right out there as the ark of God was brought into the city. His wife despised him. And told him off. To which he responded, “Baby, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” (thank you, Randy Bachman)

How can we ever go too far in our worship, in our love, in our expressions of devotion, in our joy, in our service to the Father from whom ALL blessing flow; the Saviour who gave ALL in order to win our release from sin & death; the Spirit whose heavenly counsel and presence is the first-fruits of Eternal Life and is ALWAYS with us?

Is it necessary? No, the Christian life can be remarkably simple, basic.
But is it ever too lavish, too much? We cannot out give, out love, out serve, out bless our God!