Sharing The Faith: Attitudes

“Really?”  So my friend said to me after going through a sales presentation by an individual.  My friend was looking for a particular product, and had wondered if this was the one.

But the salesperson was….. well…… WOW.  Not a good “wow.”  More like, “Wow, what IS this person doing here?  If she’s not excited about this thing, how am I supposed to be?
Her attitude came through in spades.  And, no, there was no sale. Surprise.

Attitude – it DOES matter.
I attended an all-candidates meeting recently for the upcoming municipal election.  And what interested me equally as much as the content of the various speeches was the attitude that each candidate brought to the table.  ‘Cause that attitude will set the stage for what this individual will do when confronted by this or that novel issue in the next few years.

Attitude – That’s the thing we tackle in the first of KCRC’s Fall teaching series, Sharing The Faith.

Yes, we’ll get to thinking about what to say (or not)  and when to say it (or not) and how.  All that sort of good stuff.
But first – Attitude.
Because attitude shapes everything.  It is like the rudder of the ship.  How it is pointed affects everything else.

Our  Bible passage was 1 Peter 3:8-16.
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Sharing The Faith: Attitudes

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Sharing The Faith: Attitudes – The Study Guide

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On Task: When We Get It Wrong

“I’m sorry.”


As the song says, it sometimes is the hardest word.
But perhaps also one of the most important things we can ever say.
Life being the messy thing that it is, we often burn relationship bridges as we blunder our way through life. Saying “sorry”, and really meaning it, may be the first step towards rebuilding those broken bridges, or to tearing down painful walls that have sadly gone up between people.


It means, of course, being aware of where and how we screwed up.

And that’s what we got to thinking about this past Sunday at KCRC.  Welcome to #2 in our series, “On Task”, where we think about the heart and core of why we exist as a church; what Christ might, more than anything, be expecting from us as church.

That is, of course, coaching others towards a living relationship with Jesus as their Saviour.

And recognising that sometimes we as Church have gone badly off the rails in that regard.
Instead of bringing life and joy into people’s lives, we’ve injected hurt.

Can we see that?
Can we truly and honestly say “sorry” for where that has happened?

Without quickly saying “yes” or “no” let’s take some time to think about it.
Not only for the Church out there, but for me…. myself…. my words and actions in this local church.

It’s not an easy conversation.  But I believe it’s absolutely crucial for our future at KCRC.
And you’re invited to be part of it.

Download the message and study guide, grab a bible, and follow along.
Unfortunately, you’ll have to read this week.  Techno glitch means no podcast is available. ;-(

On Task: When We Get It Wrong

You are also invited to download the study guide…..

On Task: When We Get It Wrong – Study Guide

As always, feel free to pass this stuff around.