About Kemptville CRC

We are a community of young and old, urban and rural people, company leaders and blue collar types who care deeply about our relationships with God and with each other. We simply care about trying to connect every part of life to Jesus.  Everyone can find a place - and truly belong. We’re also quick to admit we're a pretty imperfect bunch in our daily lives, and our spirituality.  As they say, we're still "on the way."  If you can relate to that, you'd fit right in here, "A Church for Imperfect People.”

Join us this Sunday. Just show up!


Services at 10:00 a.m., every Sunday.
Childcare is provided, and programs for kids ages 3-8. A quiet room is available. Plan to stay for refreshments after the service! Most services are led by one of our three bands. The sound and feel is informal - sort of a "country coffee house" vibe. Readings, prayers and messages address real needs and concerns of our daily lives, connecting them to the timeless truth and loving care of God, as that comes to us through Jesus. You'll find the Bible playing a huge role in our worship, as the compass of  our faith, guiding us to Jesus. You'll also notice hints and pieces in worship that almost sound ancient - which they are, inspired by some of the ways Jesus-followers worshiped almost 2000 years ago. If you would like to listen to past sermons, our pastor posts audio sermons on his Blog, Pastor Ken's Notes


Wednesday April 12th, 2017

Celebrating the BIGGEST event EVER!! -- even bigger than Christmas.
This weekend is IT, friends.
Friday: the darkest of days as we remember Jesus' suffering and death.
Saturday: the in-between day where, like so much of our life, we wonder if there will be hope again.
Sunday: Jesus WINS! Death is defeated!

Join us this weekend @ KCRC, 2455 Clothier St W -

Friday: 10am Walk Of The Cross - sharing our commitment to the cross of Christ with other Kemptville churches
7pm Vigil - a quiet service of song and scripture, reflecting on Jesus' suffering & death.

Sunday: 7:30am Sunrise Service - remembering the moment when Jesus busted through death; resurrection!
8:15am Easter breakfast served by KCRC men's group
10am Celebration Service - blowing the roof off with song and happy thanksgiving that JESUS IS ALIVE!
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At KCRC we value getting out of the pews, and rubbing elbows in smaller group settings. We've got clubs for girls and boys, meeting on Wednesday and Thursday nights, respectively.  Women and men love spending time modelling mature faith living to the kids, while helping them have FUN! There are also small groups meeting at various times through the week for women and men.  Call or email for more info.