The Peacemaker: God’s version of royalty compared to ours

Image result for royaltyWhen you think “Royalty” – what comes to mind?  Harry and Meghan?  Elizabeth and Philip?  Golden spoon in mouth?  Out of touch?  Body guards?  Palace? Elite?

Where in the world do we get such an idea?
Perhaps from the fact that this is exactly how it is with royalty.  And always as been.

So, we’re getting ready for Christmas; getting ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus.
One of the titles given to him, through prophecy and by bible writers, is “Prince of Peace.”

Prince.  That’s right – royalty.
Oh – is that really a good thing? Especially with what we tend to think of ’em?  Yes, and how many of them behave.

Before we wave this off and end up diving into a commercial Christmas, a party and eggnog-soaked holiday season, join with KCRC’S guest speaker, Michelle dePooter, as she helps us see that God’s understanding of royalty is WAAAAYYYYYYY different – and BETTER – than ours.

We’re delighted that she could be with us to launch our Christmas teaching series “The Peacemaker.”
Michelle is chaplain at “Ministry To Seafarers” in the Port of Montreal, PQ.

You’re invited to listen to her message via the online audio player – or download it to your favorite device to catch again later.
Please note – those of you using a mobile device may have to set your browser to “desktop mode” to access the download button (a glitch with our site – sorry about that).

And – We’d love to have you join this coming Sunday, December 10, for the second in the series, “The Peacemaker.”
Pastor Ken will explore what sort of peace Jesus brings to our lives.


The Peacemaker: God’s Version Of Royalty Compared To Ours

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