Steps To Wholeness: Staying Alert

Image result for a stitch in time saves nine“A stitch in time saves 9.”
Who said that?
Certainly true – my wife reminds me of that every time I bring her a clothing item in need of repair.  “Don’t wait.  Get it to me as soon as you see something come loose.  If you wait, it only gets worse and repairs get harder.”

It’s true all over – home repair, physical fitness, auto maintenance, and our relationships with other people.  Actually, it’s true pretty much everywhere.

Pay attention.
And when something seems to be coming loose, wearing out, getting rusty, feeling flabby – whatever – deal with it NOW.
Don’t just assume that what worked or was healthy last month will stay that way for the next five years.

And all of this was the point of the message “Steps To Wholeness – Staying Alert” from the KCRC worship service of November 12.

We peeked in on the life of one of Jesus’ closest friends, Simon Peter, watching him first be confident (even cocky), then crumble, and then as an old man pass on some important wisdom.  Our bible passages were Mark 14:27ff and 1 Peter 5:6-11.

You’re invited to share in the discovery and learning.
Download the study guide, and grab a bible.
Then follow along with the message via the online audio player – or download it to your favorite device to catch again later.
Please note – those of you using a mobile device may have to set your browser to “desktop mode” to access the download button (a glitch with our site – sorry about that).

We’d love to have you track with us for the entire series.  Perhaps here from the podcasts.  Or live as we worship each Sunday at 10am.  Don’t worry about getting all gussied up.  Just come as you are – we’re a church full of imperfect people.  And would be glad to have other imperfect people along for the ride, joining us for the journey of following the Steps To Wholeness!

Steps To Wholeness: Staying Alert

You are also invited to download the study guide…..

Staying Alert – Study Guide

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