Steps To Wholeness: Passing It On

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Sharing a wonderful secret – it’s a great thing to do.  As we land the plane at the end of our Fall teaching series, “Steps To Wholeness”  we’ll be thinking about what to do with all this amazing stuff we’ve learned.  The angels in heaven will  be watching to see what we do with it.   And what they’re hoping is that we’ll engage in a loving whisper campaign, passing along the news of how we can begin to put our lives together in a new, healthy way.

But what if we’re afraid of sharing our faith with others?
Which, by the way, many of us are.
For a whole bunch of different reasons – but it remains true that many followers of Jesus hesitate to share their spiritual experience with others.

Then what?
How do we begin to face that fear?
And are there any tips that might help us get past that fear?

Join us as we explore these questions, in the context of Step #12 of the Twelve Steps To Wholeness.
Our central bible passage being Luke 15:1-10.

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And – We’d love to have you join this coming Sunday, December 3, as we begin to prepare for Christmas with a series called “The Peacemaker.”  You often hear about Jesus being called “Prince of Peace.” Great.  But what DOES that really mean?  As always, we worship each Sunday at 10am.  Don’t worry about getting all gussied up.  Just come as you are – we’re a church full of imperfect people.  And we’d be glad to have other imperfect people, like you, along for the ride!

Steps To Wholeness: Pass It Along

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Pass It Along – Study Guide

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