Steps To Wholeness: Improving The Contact

Image result for ear trumpet“Eh?  What was that?”
Yes, I find myself saying that more often these.  Perhaps too often, suggests my wife in her lovely and gentle way.  Hmmmm.
I wonder if God finds me as hard of hearing as she does?

Welcome to the podcast for the second to last in KCRC’s Fall teaching series, Steps To Wholeness.  We’re wondering about how to ditch some of the rusty and banged up parts of our lives, in order to become people that more clearly resemble our Elder Brother and Saviour, Jesus.

This particular teaching segment wonders about staying connected to him – what and how?  Any simple parts to it?  And, yes there are, declares Step 11 of 12.
Join us as we learn what that step is, and why it matters.  We learned from Psalm 119:9-16 & 145-152.

Download the study guide, and grab a bible.
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We’d love to have you join with us for the last of the series, this coming Sunday.  Perhaps here from the podcasts.  Or live as we worship each Sunday at 10am.  Don’t worry about getting all gussied up.  Just come as you are – we’re a church full of imperfect people.  And would be glad to have other imperfect people along for the ride, joining us for the journey of following the Steps To Wholeness!

Steps To Wholeness: Improving The Contact

You are also invited to download the study guide…..

Improving The Contact – Study Guide

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