The Thin Thread Of Life

Recently I heard from someone close that her oldest son, a married man with three teenage kids, has been suddenly diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer. He’s in his early 40’s. They give him a couple of months. BOOM – just like that, no warning, no early symptoms!! A few days […]

The Women In Jesus’ Life: An Adultress

We read about them all the time – honor killings.  Horrible.  A woman’s life is savagely sacrificed – why?  To make a point.  Or for a cause.  She’s just a pawn in a game that’s far bigger than her.  She doesn’t matter. Jesus got caught up in a situation something […]

The Women In Jesus’ Life: A Mother-in-Law

We only meet her once.  We’re never told her name.  And she never says a thing – not one word.  It’s Simon’s mother-in-law. Oh, it’s good – all good.  You need to know that up front, given how so many mother-in-law conversations end up being bad jokes.  No joke here at […]

The Women In Jesus’ Life: Anna

Anna – WHO? Yes, Anna. She was, you see, one of the divinely appointed welcoming committee for Jesus when he was first carried into the Temple.  And, as such, was also one of the legal witnesses to announce that – yes, indeed – this little baby would become the Saviour […]

TWIJL: His Ancestors – Post-sermon conversation @ KCRC

The first message in our new, post-Christmas series, “The Women In Jesus’ Life” was shared this past Sunday at KCRC.  And, there was some open-mike Q&A conversation that followed.  Also, one comment was emailed. You can catch the conversation by clicking on the link below. But, first the written comment. […]

The Women In Jesus’ Life: His Ancestors

Hey everyone – first new post on our home base; glad to be part of Kemptville Christian Reformed Church’s web presence…. glad they’re willing to have me 😉 So, it’s the time of year when followers of Jesus around the world take time to try and learn more about the […]