What Happens When God Says “Go!”

What happens when the Holy Spirit connects with a person’s life – and then calls that person to something very special, seemingly impossible, and very big?  What happens when that person says, “Yes”? KCRC is honored to be able to partner with Janne Ritskes and the team at Tabitha.ca, which […]

The Holy Spirit: Teacher

It’s getting closer – the start of school, I mean.  Will be here before you know it.  A chance for teachers and students to reconnect, or begin new relationships.  All of which makes me think back to teachers that have influenced my life in beautiful, deep ways. Who is your […]

The Holy Spirit: Connector

One of our church’s worship bands experienced a power outage recently, while they were in the middle of their rehearsal.  The lights went dark.  Amps fell silent. Mikes didn’t work.  Computer shut down.  And they were stuck.  Even though there is all sorts of electric power available in Ontario, it […]

The Holy Spirit: Sculptor

Have you ever thought that God may be in the process of sculpting you? Sculpting you to look more like…… oh, wait. Now I’m getting ahead of myself. Welcome to KCRC’s summer series, where we are thinking about the “Shy Member Of The Trinity.”  That is – the Holy Spirit. […]

The Holy Spirit: Creator

He is often referred to as “The Silent One” or “The Shy One” – as in the “Shy Member Of The Trinity.”  That is – the Holy Spirit.  Most Christians have a pretty good understanding of God the Father.  And are passionate about Jesus the Son.  But tend to be […]

Henry De Haan’s Funeral Service

On August 9, 2017 the worship space at KCRC was filled with family, neighbors and friends to celebrate the life of Henry De Haan, and to give thanks for the amazing gift of eternal life in Jesus that Henry now enjoys in eternity. We give thanks for all the ways […]

On Task: Sharing

It’s wrap up time for the teaching series, “On Task.”  So we took some time this past Sunday morning to review where we’ve gone in our quest to learn how best to share the love of Jesus within a culture that is hesitant, perhaps sceptical, and maybe even at times […]

On Task: Questions

When someone is defensive, how DO you begin a conversation with them? How DO you engage a topic that you just know often leaves the other person twitchy?  Keep quiet?  Bark at them as loud as you can?  Give totally in, and admit they’re right? That’s what we wondered about […]

On Task: Listening

Take a minute, please.  You’ve GOT to watch this……. Enough said? SOOOO right on the money.  Makes me giggle every time I watch it. The skill and interest in listening to each other. Ever wonder where it went?  😉 This past Sunday, as part of #5 in the KCRC teaching series, […]

On Task: Serving

You just KNOW how uncomfortable this can feel, right? When someone gets right into your bubble without permission. Every pore in your body is focused on “How do I get them OUT of here?” Never mind, at all, what their intentions are! You need permission in order to get close […]