As a family of faith in Jesus Christ, we get to REACH UP and be held by our Heavenly Father.
We get to REACH UP and receive divine help.
And we get to REACH UP, along with believers from all times and places, in worship.


Last week we began to consider about the most significant biblical image for the Church. Which is, by the way, the FAMILY. Yes, there are lots of others.  Very good ones. Like Bride, Vineyard, Flock, Kingdom, Temple, Body, the New Israel, etc. However, the biggest New Testament image of the […]


The Church – what is it? What is that entity for which Jesus came? The bible has a variety of different images that it uses to describe the Church: Bride Vineyard Flock Kingdom Temple Body New Israel The most pervasive NT image of the Church, however, is…… Family God is […]

Whose Story Is It, Anyway?

The Christian faith – what is it? What are we celebrating at Christmas, anyway? One concern I have with talk about “Jesus as MY Saviour” (like what we’ll do Sunday AM) is that I can easily begin to have the whole faith thing begin to revolve around ME — my […]

On Relationships

Recently, while trying to practice the stuff we considered last week, namely taking time to stop and reflect and pray in God’s presence, I got to meditating on God as the Divine Lover for whom relationships were, are, and will be extremely important. In summary, the deal is this: God […]

More on noticing

So – I was all set to write something brand new for this week. But – then a little voice prompted me to stop, and review what I wrote last week. Which I did. And…. ….well…. I hope you won’t throw rotten fruit or toss dead cows at me off […]

Slowing down and noticing

I was meeting with a believer from another denomination earlier this week.  She shared, “I’m impressed by how active the people of Calvin Church are in serving the Lord.  I run into them all over the place.” She’s right. Earlier this year Council did a quick inventory of the various […]