Maturity… What’s It About

What does Christian maturity involve? And what do we sometimes confuse for Christian maturity, stuff that is ACTUALLY immaturity?

Maturity…. in God’s Gym?

How does God’s plan for growing spiritual “fitness” or maturity compare to my personal plan for growing physical fitness? Can you compare them?

Can You Defend Your Faith?

How do we respond to allegations that the Resurrection never happened, Jesus wasn’t really crucified, in fact he didn’t even exist and the Christian religion is just a re-make of ancient Persian myths?

Of Robins, Butterflies And Dairy Queen

Spring has sprung – I saw my first robins!! God hasn’t abandoned us yet – great is his faithfulness! Which makes me wonder – if we see his faithfulness in the countryside, can we also see it in the city?

Chopping Up Idols

Idol chopping.
There’s still time in Lent.
I invite you to join me in sharpening your soul-axe and inviting the Spirit to grab hold and get to work.


Our grandson’s middle name is “Martin” – which he shares with ancestors. Want to know what else they all had in common?…..

Spiritual Aerobics

What we DO shapes us.
Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking otherwise.
Including the DO-ing of worship.
The Holy Spirit anoints those actions and rituals, when done in the name of Jesus, and uses them to shape our inner beings into the image of our Saviour.