Finding Jesus…in the Old Testament: As Moses Raised the Serpent Up

On January 12 we welcomed guest preacher Rev. Aaron Thompson, who helped us find glimpses of Jesus in the Old Testament, particularly, in the story of Moses raising up a serpent on a pole… a sign of healing for the people… ….Jesus, raised up, healing for all who look to […]

Finding Jesus…in Community

On January 5 we were invited to look around, and see Jesus in the eyes of fellow worshipers. We were guided by Romans 12:1-21 and Matthew 5:21-26.You’re invited to download the podcast. Grab a bible. Then follow along…… Please note – those of you using a mobile device may have […]

Finding Jesus…in Worship

Epiphany is a word that means “a showing forth; a revelation.” How does the One whose birth we just celebrated get revealed/shown forth to the world. We’ve got a five part series planned to help explore this question. On December 29 we looked at Finding Jesus …in worship. How Jesus […]

The Songs Of Christmas…. Mary’s Song

She was a totally ordinary, simple, young unremarkable girl in her mid-teens. At least, that is what you’d think watching her life. But as we dig a little deeper some amazing things come to light. This past Sunday we read Luke 1:39-56 and saw some of the strength and depth […]

Called By Jesus…. To Peace

Remember a time when you got angry? Or felt hurt by someone – unjustly so? Or got ripped off, and found yourself laying awake at night, trying to figure out how to get even?If Jesus was your life coach, how do you think he’d have been directing you during those […]

Called By Jesus….Beyond Ourselves

Have you ever been served an eviction notice? Or been asked to leave a certain location because your presence wasn’t appreciated? How did it feel? If you’ve ever had such a thing happen, you’re actually in really good company. Jesus was once tossed out of church for unruly behaviour….. while […]

Relating In Faith: Eating…. alone?

Have you ever notice how often Jesus eats with others? And have you ever noticed the KIND of people that Jesus enjoys sharing table with? If you haven’t, grab a bible and page through any one of the four accounts of Jesus’ life. You may be in for a surprise. […]

Relating In Faith: Getting It Right, But….

Have you ever been mad at God? Yelled and screamed, raised your fist to heaven, sulked – or something because of something painful in your life or that of someone close to you?And – after all that, did you feel guilty about it? Wondering if you were ALLOWED to be […]

Relating In Faith: In Relationship Or Right?

So, we ended up doing some advanced biology this past Sunday – wondering about the difference between a squid brain and a human brain. There are lots of similarities (did you know that?), which is why scientists often use the squid brain to study human brain activity. But there’s also […]

Relating In Faith: The Love Letter

Had someone challenge me with a totally crazy question some time ago. They wondered, “What would your faith be like if you treated the Bible with the same energy, attention, and passion that you treat your smartphone?” Crazy, eh? How DARE they ask that? Well, that question got me all […]