Sharing The Faith: Motivation

Baseball Fans just enjoyed the pinnacle of their season – the World Series.  Ever wonder what sets the players apart on that field from so many other wanna-be baseball players, who end up trapped in the minor leagues, or working day jobs and playing in the beer leagues? Yes, skill […]

Sharing The Faith: Attitudes

“Really?”  So my friend said to me after going through a sales presentation by an individual.  My friend was looking for a particular product, and had wondered if this was the one. But the salesperson was….. well…… WOW.  Not a good “wow.”  More like, “Wow, what IS this person doing […]

Meeting Jesus: In Our Riches

Not everything in life is simple. As in – totally right, or totally wrong; totally healthy, or totally toxic; totally safe or totally dangerous. Take cannabis, for example.  I don’t have to line up the pro’s and con’s.  You’ve all heard and read plenty by now, I’m sure.  If not […]

Meeting Jesus: When We’re Confident

Familiarity breeds…… You know the saying, right? And it’s SO true. It’s really easy to begin to take safety shortcuts when we’ve been doing a risky task for years.  They say that the people most at risk for injury on the job site are the newbies and the ol’ timers. […]

Meeting Jesus: And Distracted

“I’m…… SO……. busy…..” How often haven’t you heard that? Or maybe even said it? Three cheers for Google Calendar (or equivalent) – keeping our life organised.  Otherwise things would be in chaos.  Never keep all the commitments and to-do’s straight. WHEW!! Some people wear their busyness as a badge of […]

Meeting Jesus: A Word About Stuff

They are springing up absolutely EVERYWHERE! Storage units – rented by people because they’ve run out of room to store their stuff. I’d say I’m different, but actually I’m in the process of putting up another outbuilding to “temporarily” store the overflow presently crammed into my machine shed. STUFF – […]

Meeting Jesus: When You’re Not Wanted

You can’t share what you ain’t got. That’s the lesson from this past Sunday’s message at KCRC, part of the MEETING JESUS summer teaching series. The whore and the theologian – a stark contrast. Both meet Jesus at a party.  The way they respond to him is also a stark […]

Meeting Jesus: Alone, In A Mob

Mobs can be powerful.  And destructive. People get run over by mobs – sometimes those who are targets of the mob rage, and sometimes even people who are part of the mob. Takes a powerful, brave, wise person to be able to stare down and stop a mob. Jesus is […]

Meeting Jesus: We Do, Can She?

What is it about people that we can so easily, sometimes, shut certain people out Because we don’t think they’re good enough. Or haven’t done enough. Or – maybe even because they are just plain “other.” It’s troubling.  We pride ourselves on being a nation of equals. Racist, discriminatory,  xenophobic […]

Meeting Jesus: When We Are Out Of Options

“Here. Hold my beer. Watch this!” The sort of summer moment when somebody thinks they’ve got a situation well in hand.  What’s about to unfold should be NO PROBLEM. And as they try to do it, everything unravels.  Maybe even a youtube video results. Perhaps you haven’t had that.  But […]