Secure In The Storm: “When Productivity Ceases”

Welcome as we continue the teaching series, “Secure In The Storm,” COVID-19 is forcing all of us into isolation. Many are being laid off from work. We’re all stuck at home doing …..nothing. Productivity is grinding to a national halt. And people are going twitchy. Which makes sense ’cause our […]

Secure In The Storm: “When We Worry”

Today we continue the teaching series, “Secure In The Storm,” wondering about the times when our life struggles lead us to be consumed with WORRY. We’ll listen to Psalm 77, where the writer was consumed by a worry that God has given up on his people. From there we’ll go […]

Secure In The Storm: “When We Get Distracted”

This past Sunday, March 8th we continued our teaching series “Secure In The Storm,” and wondered about the times when our life struggles get us distracted to the point of getting all focused on stuff that REALLY doesn’t matter. What does that? What are the consequences? And what are some […]

Secure In The Storm: “When Foolishness Enters The Room”

March 1st we continued our teaching series “Secure In The Storm,” and wondered about how to respond to unhelpful comments that come our way when we suffer; some of them even well meaning. One’s like “If you pray harder and truly believe, you’d be healed.” “Is there a sin you […]

Secure In The Storm: “When Innocence Is Lost.”

On February 23rd, in our teaching series “Secure In The Storm,” we wondered how to respond to pain and injustice that some of the powerful social structures around us inflict on the vulnerable. How do we respond, “When Innocence Is Lost?” Psalm 12 becomes our launch point to thinking about […]

Secure In The Storm: “When God Seems to Disappear.”

This past Sunday, February 16th, we picked up on the series “Secure In The Storm, wondering about ways that we can live well even when life circumstances are bashing us around and threatening to drown us. This week we wondered how to handle the times when “God Seems to Disappear. […]

Cadet Sunday: “Hi God, it’s me.”

On February 9th, we celebrated the ministry to boys here at KCRC known as Cadets. They are a Christian Cadet Club (CCC), where men mentor boys in what it is to live an authentic life of faith in Jesus through the very real challenges of growing up and life in […]

Secure in the Storm: “When Our Dreams Are Blown Away.”

Welcome to a new message series here at KCRC, “Secure in the Storm.” We are taking a hard look at how we can ever possibly live WELL in the midst of some of the gut-wrenching storms that assault our lives. We always have options, some destructive, while others are life-nourishing, […]

Finding Jesus… in the Old Testament: The Son of Man

For this the final message in our Epiphany Series “Finding Jesus …. ” we welcomed guest preacher, Rev. Joe Groeneveld who helped us find glimpses of Jesus…. in the Old Testament in a strange, yet powerful vision… … given to the prophet Daniel about someone called “The Son of Man.” […]