The Peacemaker: The Peace Jesus Brings

Miss it? Wish you had it – at least a bit of it? Peace, that is. I suppose “peace” could mean a whole bunch of different things to different people. We’re talking here about that sense of life being whole, complete, rolling out the way God intended it to be […]

The Peacemaker: God’s version of royalty compared to ours

When you think “Royalty” – what comes to mind?  Harry and Meghan?  Elizabeth and Philip?  Golden spoon in mouth?  Out of touch?  Body guards?  Palace? Elite? Where in the world do we get such an idea? Perhaps from the fact that this is exactly how it is with royalty.  And […]

Steps To Wholeness: Passing It On

“Psssst – Pass it on” Sharing a wonderful secret – it’s a great thing to do.  As we land the plane at the end of our Fall teaching series, “Steps To Wholeness”  we’ll be thinking about what to do with all this amazing stuff we’ve learned.  The angels in heaven […]

Meditation – What? Me? How?

This past Sunday we talked about the importance of prayer and meditation in our journey along the Steps To Wholeness.  Those of you familiar with 12 Step groups may recognize this as Step 11. And during Q&A one of you asked for some tips and suggestions to get started in […]

Steps To Wholeness: Improving The Contact

“Eh?  What was that?” Yes, I find myself saying that more often these.  Perhaps too often, suggests my wife in her lovely and gentle way.  Hmmmm. I wonder if God finds me as hard of hearing as she does? Welcome to the podcast for the second to last in KCRC’s […]

Steps To Wholeness: Staying Alert

“A stitch in time saves 9.” Who said that? Certainly true – my wife reminds me of that every time I bring her a clothing item in need of repair.  “Don’t wait.  Get it to me as soon as you see something come loose.  If you wait, it only gets […]

Steps To Wholeness: Righting Wrongs

Have you ever discovered, to your horror, that you’ve really messed with someone’s life – caused them some sort of undeserved pain or setback? And then, realizing it and feeling bad about it, you stuffed the business in the back corner of your mind – trying to forget it. Ever […]

Steps To Wholeness: Ready To Let Go

“Are you SURE you really want this?” There’s a story of Jesus encountering someone who has been ill – crippled – for 38 years. Left with his disability at a home for disabled people for 38 years.  Poverty and dirt for 38 years.  Ignored by most everybody for 38 years.  […]

Steps To Wholeness: Coming Clean

It’s been called out as a severe form of torture that needs to be banned.  Not that long ago an expert from the United Nations said that indefinite and prolonged solitary confinement in excess of 15 days should also be subject to an absolute prohibition.  He cited scientific studies that […]

Steps To Wholeness: Taking Inventory

Hey, ever come into a situation where you THOUGHT you had the resources to do something, but then found yourself short.  And maybe in a hugely embarrassing situation because of it.  Ever happened to you? OR – where you thought you had the skills and abilities to tackle a certain […]