Called By Jesus….Beyond Ourselves

Have you ever been served an eviction notice? Or been asked to leave a certain location because your presence wasn’t appreciated? How did it feel? If you’ve ever had such a thing happen, you’re actually in really good company. Jesus was once tossed out of church for unruly behaviour….. while […]

Relating In Faith: Eating…. alone?

Have you ever notice how often Jesus eats with others? And have you ever noticed the KIND of people that Jesus enjoys sharing table with? If you haven’t, grab a bible and page through any one of the four accounts of Jesus’ life. You may be in for a surprise. […]

Relating In Faith: Getting It Right, But….

Have you ever been mad at God? Yelled and screamed, raised your fist to heaven, sulked – or something because of something painful in your life or that of someone close to you?And – after all that, did you feel guilty about it? Wondering if you were ALLOWED to be […]

Relating In Faith: In Relationship Or Right?

So, we ended up doing some advanced biology this past Sunday – wondering about the difference between a squid brain and a human brain. There are lots of similarities (did you know that?), which is why scientists often use the squid brain to study human brain activity. But there’s also […]

Relating In Faith: The Love Letter

Had someone challenge me with a totally crazy question some time ago. They wondered, “What would your faith be like if you treated the Bible with the same energy, attention, and passion that you treat your smartphone?” Crazy, eh? How DARE they ask that? Well, that question got me all […]

Relating In Faith: Hungry For God

Have you ever gotten involved in something, like REALLY involved, only to discover later that you had missed the most important part of whatever it was you were doing? Many fathers discover this – some, too late. When they’ve been working hard for years and years in order to provide […]

Praying With Jesus – Yours Is The Kingdom!

“Our Father in Heaven… yours is the Kingdom and the power and the glory. Forever. Amen.”Ever noticed how not all Christians pray these words? And have you ever tried to find them in the Bible? Hint – it WON’T be in the places, like Matthew 6, where Jesus teaches the […]

Praying With Jesus – Deliver us!

“Our Father in Heaven… lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil….”Ever wondered what those words of the Lord’s Prayer might mean? Before we park the bus on our summer teaching series, “Praying With Jesus” we want to think about this challenging part of the Lord’s Prayer. This […]

Praying With Jesus – Forgive…

Forgive…. there’s a loaded thought. Whether we are looking for it, or wondering if we can ever do it. As part of our summer teaching series, “Praying With Jesus” we’re working through the Lord’s Prayer. This podcast, from the August 25 worship service at KCRC, examines the explosive phrase, “Forgive […]

Praying With Jesus – Give us our daily bread

Welcome back to our adventure in prayer – tracking along with Jesus as he teaches us how to pray. This podcast, from the August 18 live teaching time, deals with “Give us this day our daily bread.” Every little phrase in that request matters. And we’ll be ploughing through a […]