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“Regrets, I’ve had….” – wait, only a FEW?

“Regrets, I’ve had a few, but then again too few to mention.”
And so begins the song “I Did It My Way“, written by Ottawa’s Paul Anka back in the late 1960’s – recorded by all sorts of people beside Anka, including Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Sid Vicious,  and the Three Tenors (how’s THAT for variety?).
It’s one of the most popular songs ever – and, so they say, is one of the most popular to be chosen for playing at peoples’ funerals.
One of the most popular – and, I am convinced, one of the dumbest.
Only a few regrets?
I wonder that all these singers could honestly say that.
I wonder that ANYONE would be able to say that.
Most of us carry some sort of regret around – there’s been something in our life that, looking back, we wish were otherwise.  If only we hadn’t said / done / missed / seen / been……   We can’t change it.  Can’t do a thing about the effects that this less-than-stellar moment in our lives brought on.  It remains just THERE.   A negative mark.
When I sit with people at their deathbed, and listen to their poignant rememberings, often there is a lot of regret that comes out.
Ah – WHAT to do with them?

Let them fester, and it can pose a problem.
So, do…. well, what?

This Sunday we’ll be continuing our sermon series that peeks in at some of the major characters in the time of Jesus’ suffering, death and resurrection.  And we’ll land at the doorstep of  Judas Iscariot.
Regret?  You bet he had his.
We’ll think about how a very ordinary, average sort of guy ended up in the very dark place he did.
And how easily we could end up there.
And how close Judas was to getting things deeply right in his life…… but  how desperately wrong it all turned out.
Because of regret.
Hope you can join us for worship – Sunday at 10am at KCRC.
If not in person, then via the podcast which will go online Monday morning.

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