Meeting Jesus: When We’re Confident

Familiarity breeds……
You know the saying, right?
And it’s SO true.

It’s really easy to begin to take safety shortcuts when we’ve been doing a risky task for years.  They say that the people most at risk for injury on the job site are the newbies and the ol’ timers.

The newbs don’t know.
The others know perhaps too well.

Did you know that this same thing happens spiritually?  Which is the point of Jesus’ teaching via a parable in Luke 18:9-14.   We studied it on September 23 as the second last of our teaching series, MEETING JESUS.  This sessions was titled, “WHEN WE ARE CONFIDENT.”

You’re invited to tag along – Download the podcast, as well as the study guide.

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Here’s the podcast……..

Meeting Jesus: When We’re Confident

And here’s the study guide..…..

Meeting Jesus: When We’re Confident – Study Notes

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