Meeting Jesus: In Our Riches

Not everything in life is simple.
As in – totally right, or totally wrong; totally healthy, or totally toxic; totally safe or totally dangerous.

Take cannabis, for example.  I don’t have to line up the pro’s and con’s.  You’ve all heard and read plenty by now, I’m sure.  If not – ask.  For the sake of informed conversations with your  kids and grandkids.

Or – take wealth as another example.  Not totally right, or totally wrong.  Not totally safe, or totally dangerous.  Do you know the pro’s and con’s?  If not – this podcast is for you.  We’re concluding the series MEETING JESUS by hearing him expose a potentially lethal side of wealth – eternally lethal.  He teaches while right in the lion’s den, so  to speak – surrounded by some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the country.

We had a listen to Jesus on Thanksgiving weekend – a time when we revel in all the bounty that is at our disposal.
Indeed – let’s give thanks for the plenty we have….. and the plenty of good that can be done with it.
And yes – it’s a fine thing to enjoy what God places in our lap.  To share a feast.

But keep the eyes wide open.  And be on guard.
Because wealth is not all good and wonderful.
It’s powerful.
And – like fire – can be powerfully good, or powerfully destructive.

Our  Bible passage was Luke 16:10-31.
You are invited to MEET JESUS with us.
Go ahead and find a bible, either print version or online or app.
Then download the podcast.  Sorry, no study guide this week.

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Here’s the podcast……..

Meeting Jesus: In Our Riches

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