Meeting Jesus: And Distracted

“I’m…… SO……. busy…..”

How often haven’t you heard that?
Or maybe even said it?

Three cheers for Google Calendar (or equivalent) – keeping our life organised.  Otherwise things would be in chaos.  Never keep all the commitments and to-do’s straight.


Some people wear their busyness as a badge of honor.
Others use it as a sign of being a martyr for one cause or another.
What does  busyness do to us, anyway?  Especially spiritually?

Jesus has some important things to say on this topic.
We get to mull them over as part of our series, MEETING JESUS.
This week – Meeting Jesus: And Distracted.

Our bible passage is Luke 10:38-42.
You’re invited to tag along – Download the podcast, as well as the study guide.

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Here’s the podcast……..

Meeting Jesus: And Distracted

And here’s the study guide..…..

Meeting Jesus: And Distracted – Study Notes

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