Imperfect Faith In A Messy World: It’s About Power

It’s a word that makes many of us hesitate – power.
Probably because we’ve seen it do so much harm to so many SO often.

So…. how ought we respond when we come to a part of the Bible where the writer is praying FOR power to show up in the lives of his friends?
And – what about parts of the Bible where we read about Jesus’ power – strong, crushing, battling power?
What do we do with all that?

Power – good power, and power that crushes…. power in our hands, power in Jesus’ hands.

These are the issues we tossed around last Sunday at KCRC.

You’re invited to follow along as we explore Ephesians 3:14-21, especially verse 10.
Download the message and study guide, grab a bible, and follow along…

Imperfect Faith In A Messy World (7): It’s About Power

You are also invited to download the study guide…..

It’s About Power – Study Guide

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