Imperfect Faith In A Messy World (2): Messy Salvation – a sermon podcast

So we just shared  week 2 in our sermon series that faces some of the not-so-easy-or-simple realities of life and faith….. like the mess of life, and the times (more than we care to remember) when we do a spectacular spiritual face-plant, really screwing it up – with LOTS of people watching.  Oh, come on – yes you did!  😉

This week we looked at how some of the people in Scripture responded when their life came unglued.
And what parts of Scripture might be helpful to us when OUR life comes apart at the seams.

What might Jesus do by way of response?
How well does he relate to such slobbery, messy lives?

And what HOPE, what possible little pin prick of light, can we find as we think about all this?

Imperfect Faith In A Messy World (2): Messy Salvation

You are also invited to download the study guide…..

Messy Salvation – Study Guide

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