Imperfect Faith In A Messy World (1): Can We Find Peace?

Do we even have to say it?”
Perhaps we do – acknowledge out loud that our world is a messy place.
And part of the reason, at least part, for that mess is us.
Because we live imperfect lives.
And imperfect lives litter the world with mess.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be exploring how we can possibly live out of our belief in Jesus, even while we’re imperfect believers, and while the world is so messed-up.

Hope you can track along for the series.
Beginning with this week, where we wonder about how possible it is to experience peace, a least a bit of peace, in our messy lives.

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Imperfect Faith In A Messy World (1): Can I Find Peace?

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Imperfect Faith In A Messy World (1) – Study Guide

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