Getting Past Saturday – a sermon podcast

So, what difference does it make ANYWAY?
The fact that Jesus suffered, was tortured, murdered and laid in a tomb…..
And the fact that he, on the third day, ROSE from that tomb FULLY ALIVE…..
…what difference does that make anyway?  For you and me, in the middle of struggling and sometimes bumbling our way through day-after-day living – who cares if Jesus beat death or not?  WHY should I pay attention to that?

That’s the core question we’re asking in the post-Easter series at KCRC called “Resurrection Implications.”
This podcast is part of that series – and deals with the time between Jesus’ burial and resurrection.
We’ll wonder together at what his friends felt and thought – and how that may (or may not) line up with what we feel and think during some of the rough patches of our life’s journey.

The message is based on the story of Jesus’ life as recorded in John 19:38-20:10.
You are invited to listen, and to review the study notes.
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Getting Past Saturday

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Getting Past Saturday – Study Guide


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