Faithbusters: Broken Bodies

At KCRC we’ve been doing some thinking about stuff in our lives that can be spiritually damaging.  We named that stuff  “Faithbusters.”

This past Sunday we dealt with one that a few of you named…..

One person said, “I find that the biggest challenge for faith for me is biological. Lack of sleep, exercise, low-pressure systems triggering migraines – these are often the times when I experience doubt or some sense of existential crisis.
Another said, “When my depression gets bad, I can’t pray. Feels like God is a million miles away.

What happens when our bodies suffer, either mentally, emotionally or physically?
Why is it that in those times we can find faith busting?
You are asking questions about the relationship between our bodies and our faith.
But coming at it exactly backwards from virtually any other time I’ve ever heard anyone raise this topic — so, those of you who raised it: extra points for creative effort!!!

So…..What’s going on?
Is it our fault? Are we guilty of something?
Is there anything we, or people around us, can do about it?

Here’s the sermon podcast that explores some responses.
You’re invited to listen in and join the conversation.
Right-click on the sermon title, and choose “save link as”  to download the podcast to your mp3 player or ipod.

Faithbusters: Broken Bodies

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You’re also invited to download the pdf of the study guide:

Faithbusters: Broken Bodies (study guide)

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