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Black Sky, Twinkling Stars… and little ol’ me

So, I got to thinking…..yes, I do that occasionally. Not well, maybe. But I do it.

This time, a bit about the bigness of God.

Happened to be coming home after a meeting.
It was pitch black outside.
And the stars were amazing. Beautiful – a sky full.
The numbers – well, we’ve all seen ’em, how far apart it all is. The size is beyond my ability to understand.
That the light from some of them has taken so MANY years to get to my eye!
Great BIG universe.

And…… (this was a couple of days after Easter).….
The God who is BIGGER than the universe (Creator bigger than Creation) became part of it.
He became part of a tiny bit of that universe.
Here on this tiny little earth.
In order to reach tiny little people and claim them as his own.

It would be one thing for God to do a mass operation – “rake” us in, so to speak, in large numbers.
A huge “scoop” of salvation, as it were.
But that’s not how he works.
Jesus came – a person. Calling followers one-by-one-by-one.
Healing the sick one-by-one-by-one.
Hugging the children one-by-one-by-one.

Almost as if….. could it be???…..
that people matter to him one-by-one-by-one.

little me.

Yet I matter.
You matter.

Seems crazy when you stand under the night sky to think this could be true.
Too big. Too grand. Too beyond me.
But then snuggle down with a bible, and THERE IT IS……
Jesus telling us that GREAT BIG GOD cares for us down to the smallest details of our lives (check out Matthew 10:30).

Not just aware of…..
He notices.
He cares.

This Sunday we’ll see that noticing and caring love of God, through Jesus, in the life of a rather insignificant person that most people had written off as a loser and waste of time. (see John 20:10-18)
Yes, the powerful Jesus, who is greater and stronger than death, RISEN from the grave….. THAT Jesus takes the time to notice and care for one of the “low life” of Middle Eastern society of his day.

If you ever feel like that – a loser, waste of time – I do hope you’ll be able to join us and share the experience of seeing the Risen Jesus notice and care for you through his noticing and caring for this person.

And that it may give you hope that the God who so powerfully and wonderfully created all those amazing stars cares powerfully and wonderfully for YOU. Right now.

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