Steps To Wholeness: Righting Wrongs

Have you ever discovered, to your horror, that you’ve really messed with someone’s life – caused them some sort of undeserved pain or setback? And then, realizing it and feeling bad about it, you stuffed the business in the back corner of your mind – trying to forget it. Ever […]

Steps To Wholeness: Ready To Let Go

“Are you SURE you really want this?” There’s a story of Jesus encountering someone who has been ill – crippled – for 38 years. Left with his disability at a home for disabled people for 38 years.  Poverty and dirt for 38 years.  Ignored by most everybody for 38 years.  […]

Steps To Wholeness: Coming Clean

It’s been called out as a severe form of torture that needs to be banned.  Not that long ago an expert from the United Nations said that indefinite and prolonged solitary confinement in excess of 15 days should also be subject to an absolute prohibition.  He cited scientific studies that […]

Steps To Wholeness: Taking Inventory

Hey, ever come into a situation where you THOUGHT you had the resources to do something, but then found yourself short.  And maybe in a hugely embarrassing situation because of it.  Ever happened to you? OR – where you thought you had the skills and abilities to tackle a certain […]

Steps To Wholeness: Handing Over The Keys

Are you OK with letting other people drive…. YOUR car….. when YOU are in it? Or are you like me?   WAAAYYYYY happier being behind the wheel myself! I way rather make the decisions about which lane, speed up or slow down, what route and all that stuff.  To let someone […]

Steps To Wholeness: Finding Power

I love being a do-it-yourselfer.  Has saved me a pile of money over the years.  And has given some real sense of satisfaction when the job turns out ok.  Of course, there are always the times when it goes a bit sour – like when….., oh never mind.  Just ask […]

Steps To Wholeness: When The Bottom Drops Out

Sometimes it is an absolute blast cutting a new trail – sailing into a quiet bay where you’ve never been before, cutting through some undisturbed bush, driving cross country to enjoy Fall colours with no idea which direction you’ll take next, trying a new initiative with a group of which […]

What Happens When God Says “Go!”

What happens when the Holy Spirit connects with a person’s life – and then calls that person to something very special, seemingly impossible, and very big?  What happens when that person says, “Yes”? KCRC is honored to be able to partner with Janne Ritskes and the team at, which […]

The Holy Spirit: Teacher

It’s getting closer – the start of school, I mean.  Will be here before you know it.  A chance for teachers and students to reconnect, or begin new relationships.  All of which makes me think back to teachers that have influenced my life in beautiful, deep ways. Who is your […]

The Holy Spirit: Connector

One of our church’s worship bands experienced a power outage recently, while they were in the middle of their rehearsal.  The lights went dark.  Amps fell silent. Mikes didn’t work.  Computer shut down.  And they were stuck.  Even though there is all sorts of electric power available in Ontario, it […]